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October 16/15

Friends, Here is a link to my latest book, You are History: The Soul, The Higher Self, and our Share of Divinity

Have a peruse thru my other works

Your chum in eternity: gord

August 15/14

Friends, incase you haven't seen it, here is the Richard Syrett show, with yours truely ; The Conspiracy Show #2-17: Crop Circles

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Your chum in eternity: gord

August 15/14

Friends, incase you haven't seen it, here is the Richard Syrett show, with yours truely ; The Conspiracy Show #1-3: Past Life Regression

Your chum in eternity: gord

November 2/13

Friends, please note that a further two ebooks are now available as Kindles from Amazon (.com, .ca., .fr., .de. etc).

(1) "Confronting Your Immortality: beyond belief and into eternity - living the ascension". This is a collection of essays outlining some of the effects of living the light body as a daily experience.

(2) "Parking The Zeitgeist And Just Walking - a clandestine aberration" (The Scottish Psychic, Andrew From St. Andrews, Vol.2). The second installment from our intrepid millionaire playboy and Presbyterian Buddhist as he explores the theme 'surely female emancipation trumps family honour?'

Your chum in eternity: gord

August 12/13

Friends, please note my second interview with Australia's Barry Eaton is now online at - Program 449

Barry, having written his own book about the afterlife, is a very knowledgeable host and it's always a pleasure chatting with him.

Also, my assault on the ebook universe continues: The first volume of The Scottish Psychic series, Who Cares About Ancient Secrets? is now available on Amazon (.com, .ca,, .de, .fr, .it, etc). Volume Two, Parking The Zeitgeist And Just Walking, will soon be available, early September I should think. watch out for my free download days on Amazon. They are a regular feature and you can be easily notified by friending me on my Facebook page. The next is August 17th, when you can download Jesus And The Christ and The Word Of Gord On The Meaning Of Life, for, as they say on BBC dvd's, - "the low low price of absolutely nothing"

Your chum in eternity: gordon

May 24/13

Friends, some recent spirit contacts on Youtube you may not know of - That's at

"Mortality Reconsidered (1): Hitchens On The Afterlife"

"Spirit Contacts with Roger Ebert and Matthew Warren"

"Word Of Gord Contacts Dennis Hopper"

"Word Of Gord : Steve Jobs Spirit Contact"

Your chum in eternity: wordofgord

May 22/13

Hi friends,

it's been a while I know. If you're reading this and wondering why, do "friend" me on Facebook as I seem to keep up there more than anywhere. First off there a new radio podcast interview, avec moi, at Barry Eaton's, program 429. Unlike other interviewers Barry was keen to hear about my connection with Maitreya, so it was refreshing to be able to talk about that for once. And appropriate as I'm just now preparing the record of his and Jesus's talks for ebook publication. After years of trying to interest others in publication I've finally decided to do it myself. Amazon's Kindle ebook service seems to fit my current needs, and if you check my Gordon Phinn Author page at, you'll see several new publications. Other Amazon's have the listings but not in as much detail. Dead But Not Really Dead is a short and irreverent discussion of the five ways of looking at the afterlife. Brief and breezy, but a bargain at $2.99. The Word Of Gord On The Meaning Of Life is the almost legendary Q&A summing up all my meaning of life ponderings in the simplest of expressions. A guidebook for the chronically perplexed perhaps. But at only $4.99, who can complain... Who Cares About Ancient Secrets is the first volume in my Scottish Psychic series. An Inconclusive Comic Mystery I call it, and not without reason. Intended as an entertaining and mischievious chucklefest, with plenty of contemporary dramas and satire and an increasing collection of interactive ghosts as the series goes on, I do hope it tickles your fancy. I certainly enjoy composing them. Volumes two and three and finished and will follow soon over the summer months. As will Jesus And The Christ.

That`s probably not all, but more than enough for now...

Your chum in eternity: wordofgord

May 18/13


I have finally, after much dithering about, decided to begin uploading various of my projects onto Amazon's Kindle ebook option.

This makes them easily downloadable in about ten territories, The U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Japan, India and Brazil are all part of this. Downloadable to all of several Kindle devices, Ipads and Iphones. After an initial 90 day period of exclusivity I should be able to upload them to other digital media, such as Kobo and Nook.I made the decision when, some months ago, Amazon announced that ebook sales have passed the 50% mark of their total. The future is here whether we like it or not.

The two projects now available have been around in my files for years, waiting for a suitable outlet, as they are both much shorter than the "average " book length. I am proud and bemused by them both and hope you find as much amusement as edification in them.

Next up will likely be my Scottish Psychic detective series; fairly soon I should think.

Please check out "Gordon Phinn" at Amazon when you have a chance.

your chum in eternity: gordon phinn

Feb 18/11


Apologues, it has been quite a while since I've posted an update here, my blog and youtube channel taking more and more of my time.

However I have some news of note! I am being interviewed for the past life regression episode of "The Conspiracy Show" with Richard Syrett. Here are the details. On February 25 at 11:00pm ET / 8pm PT Richard investigates the practice of past-life regression therapy, a technique where subjects are placed under hypnosis in order to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives.

WHERE TO FIND VisionTV : Rogers 60 (GTA), Across Canada: BellTV 261 – Shaw Direct 394 or check your local listings.

your chum in eternity: gordon phinn

Mar 10/10


I have taken the plunge and joined the blogworld. Started out at Amazon and then moved to WordPress.

Here's the addy: Please feel free to leave comments!

your chum in eternity: gordon phinn

Jan 26/10 Feb 8/10


Another radio show has been added to the weekend of Feb13/14. This one takes place on Sunday Feb14th at 11pm. It's on The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett ( on AM740 ( and promises to be an interesting panel discussion on afterlife and reincarnation issues. So far the only other panelist confirmed is Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

To remind you of the Saturday 13th show at 11:30am est, that is Explaining Unexplored Phenomena with Scott Colborn on The audiofile for this will be available for months afterwards on Here we will likely be discussing my new novel An American In Heaven.

So that's it for my 2010 media storm (so far).

your chum in eternity: gordon phinn

Jan 26/10

Friends, greetings on this mild El Nino winter day!

A few notes to update you: first, on Saturday February 13 I will be interviewed by Scott Colborn on KZUM-FM from balmy Lincoln, Nebraska, for his long running paranormal show Exploring Unexplained Phenomena, I will be live around 11:30am eastern/10:30am central and would love to have you listen in. There is a listen live button on the website that makes it very easy to tune in on your computer. Should you miss that, the audiofile will be posted on the show's archive page for some months afterwards. Do check through the archives as Scott has many fascinating guests throughout the year. And the big plus is that the interviews are commercial-free! We can really stretch out and explore in a way that's very hard on commercial radio.

Also just a reminder of the video series; there's been a few more posted since we last connected, the most recent being my thoughts on The Lovely Bones movie. I have also been updating my Gordon Phinn author page at regularly. I find the blog format to be more and more appealing as time goes by. It would appear that you have to be an buyer to be able to sign in and make comments, which is unfortunately restricting for those of you who are buying through and elsewhere.

Here at the Felan Avenue Retreat Center, the sunday afternoon (2pm) mindfulness meditation group has been reignited, just in case you came last year and were wondering. We also had a fine and fulfilling one day sunday seminar back in November and are open to suggestions as to themes you might like to further explore in this format.

That's probably all for now, though I'll likely think of something else the minute I've signed off. I usually do.

your chum in eternity: gordon phinn

Nov 09

Friends, hello! It's been longer than I planned and I've got a bagful of excuses you'd rather not hear, so let me just get on with the news.

First, the publication of An American In Heaven has finally arrived. As far as I can tell it's available in all English language territories, and pretty much anywhere someone has internet access. Now on store shelves, that's a different story! Very political that. For those of you who do not already know, let me add that American In Heaven was put together shortly after More Adventures In Eternity was completed, way back in what, 2005 I believe. I was on a creative roll, and when I felt Melanie's voice in my head I just went with her story. She felt more like a character than a contact, but the details of her post-mortem existence seemed oddly familiar from my own astral wanderings. The afterlife knowledge revealed in the narrative is similar to that of Eternal Life And How To Enjoy It, but very much from a 19 year old's perspective. Radio interviews and a book signing are in the process of being set up, but none look likely to happen until after christmas at this point.

Second piece of news is my new author's page and blog on . If you go to my book listings there you'll find it. There's an opportunity for you all to make comments and start discussions and I look forward to that new interaction with any and all of you. For example, I'd be interested in hearing your reactions to the wordofgord Youtube videos of which there is now over forty. For example the recent Maitreya channeling on "Swine Flu And Fear". Not to mention all that crazy stuff in my books.

Until next time my friends, your chum in eternity, Gordon.

Jan 28/09

Good day friends from show shoveling land! Trust you're keeping fit in the traditional Canadian way!

News: progress on "An American In Heaven"! The proofs/layout are currently being finalized by yours truly. What it boils down to is I spend hour after hour staring at a pdf form looking for tiny errors. There seems to be one about every three pages, and I seem to get a headache about every two hours. Then I go water the plants or wash the dishes,... or just walk about the house thankful for a small measure of sanity. An initial cover has been designed. Please go to and search under "An American In Heaven". Don't forget I'm trying to reach out to the fiction market with this one, so glitzy and superficial isn't entirely inappropriate. Maybe a couple of cherubs hovering above her shoulder?

Announcing a sunday meditation group:

Starting February 15th at 2pm I shall be hosting a silent meditation hour for all and any who care to participate. A silent hour devoted to experiencing the moment outside of time can be a most valuable experience for the seeker. By putting aside the concerns of the recent past and the anxieties of the near future and entering the now free of all attachment one comes to understand the bliss of just being. That there is nothing to fear and nothing to achieve, that living in the moment is all. You are encouraged to attend as often as you can easily manage, without feeling any pressure to show up on any particular day. Please arrive before 2pm and get settled downstairs, where seats, cushions and blankets will be available. House slippers/shoes would be a good idea. There will be no official charge for this opportunity, but a donation plate will be set out for those who feel so inclined. We'll try this for a few weeks and experience the response. Looking forward to it! Location is 286 Felan Avenue, Oakville; 905-337-2358

Finally, I have been putting together quite a few wordofgord youtube videos these past few months, initially to promote the Maitreya channelings, and then, confidence up, commentaries on a number of mystical and metaphysical topics. You can easily access them here: . Please feel free to leave your onsite comments.

Oct 20/08

Friends hello! It's been a while and there's a few bits and bobs of news to report. Hope you are all doing well. We're having lovely fall weather here in southern ontario and i can barely drag myself in from backyard sunbathing to get this done! Hope it's the same for you, wherever you are.

First up is the contract signing for "An American In Heaven". o-books has been interested in the project for some time now, but a final commitment has just been made to publish in Sept/Oct09. I'm excited by this project, as it's an attempt to move afterlife knowledge from the new age audience to the fiction audience. I believe the fiction audience is ready for more than just ghost stories and and tales of those just making the initial transition to the 'other' world, and I can only hope my intuition will bridge the inevitable doubt gap brought about by marketing and its conventions.

My work has been excerpted in two online newsletters this summer, both originating in Britain. and The first listed, I believe does not share its newsletter but the second does, so sign up for it if you wish. Both, btw, are very good sites and well worth exploring.

I have finally plucked up my nerve and executed a couple of youtube videos right from my laptop webcam. After months of debating and thinking I'd get to it any day now, I finally laid down my resistance and did it. The older wordofgord videos were all done with professional help (camera/lighting/editing). Links will be soon added to the "audio and video" page. Do let me know what you think.

We had a lovely weekend seminar sept27/28 here at the house, with all attendees declaring some level of progress and satisfaction, (the orbs seemed pleased too!) and I am sorry more of you couldn't make it. The "Maitreya and Oct 14th" video contains the Maitreya message channeled that day, and thanks are due to Sheila C. for kindly taking and editing the notes. Perhaps next time for those of you who were unable to attend? Next time will likely be a sunday in november, exact dates tba soon.

Blessings and cheesecake to all !........... Gordon Phinn

Sept 03/08

Please have a look at the Video and Audio section, as some more audio clips have been uploaded.

June 12/08

Here is another interview of mine, this time on KZUM

June 04/08

Just a quick reminder about two up and coming book signings.......

June15: Book Expo, Metro Toronto Convention Centre 3-4pm
June22: Akasha's Den, Oakville, 1-4pm

May 22/08

Catch me on "The Richard Syrett Show" again, both of the archives can be heard here PART 1 and here PART 2

May 07/08

Friends, hello again, some news and chit-chat for you.
More Adventures has been out in the world for several weeks now and show every sign of making new friends in all the English speaking markets. Reactions have varied from warm to enthusiastic, and I thank all of you who have taken the time to express your appreciations. The book represents an intense period of spiritual growth for me (2003/4), one where I felt myself expanding in every direction at once, rather like a balloon being blown up and wondering who in heck was doing the blowing, and when oh when would it ever stop. I'm sure you will all plug in at the place you personally need to and find the answers you are currently seeking. If not you can always email me. Store's open 24/7 as you know.

During these past few months I've been fairly preoccupied with distance healing/influencing and one-on-one counseling situations. All of them challenging and intriguing, with each situation as unique as the individuals experiencing them. Basically, never a dull moment.

The earlier mention of possible talks and seminars in Europe has not panned out as I would have liked, mostly because too many other teachers bagged the spots before me. Make no mistake it's competitive out there. Reminds me of that old Dylan line, from Blonde On Blonde I think, "everybody's hustling just to have a little scene..."

On the other hand, my friend from Scotland Jock Brocas, who originally recommended More Adventures to John Hunt of o-books, is doing very well with his book on psychic self-defense, Powers Of the Sixth Sense, and looks set at this point for his own tv show. So watch out for that. And as he and his wife Joann are planning a move to Niagara-On-The-Lake this year, some of you will no doubt meet him at some point. As a man who has worked for British Intelligence services and currently does the odd exorcism, he has many fascinating tales to tell.

My chic-lit goes to the afterlife novel An American In Heaven has been provisionally accepted by o-books. I've somehow managed to convince John Hunt that the book trade will accept fiction from a newage publisher if we market it well. So three cheers for me. Question is, how can I get Sophie Kinsella, of Shopaholic fame, to endorse it? Please send your suggestions in soon.

Two radio shows and one book signing on the horizon:

May22nd, 11.00pm, another Richard Syrett show, this time focusing on retrievals. Listen live on CFRB 1010, that's Toronto area, or on your computer at or check the audio archive later at ""

May31st, 10:30am, it's Exploring Unexplained Phenomena with Scott Colborn on KZUM-FM from Lincoln, Nebraska EUP is the longest running metaphysical paranormal show on us radio, and is well worth the listen anytime. They too have an audio archive that can be accessed anytime. "" Links to these two will be up on this site a short time after broadcast.

June22nd, in the afternoon hours I will be in attendance at Akasha's Den in Oakville, signing copies of More Adventures and engaging in the usual mystical chit-chat I'm famous for. Meaning Of Life? No problem!

Finally, the second segment of An American In Heaven is now online at

Until next time, your chum in eternity, gordon

Mar 18/08

Catch me on "The Richard Syrett Show" both of the archives can be heard here PART 1 and here PART 2

Jan 15/08

Friends, my advance copy of More Adventures In Eternity arrived from o-books this morning, and what a pleasure it is to finally hold it in my hands, after all these years of waiting!  Rereading it takes me right back to 2004 and all the psychic exploration and challenge of that year.  Life has calmed down a bit since then !  As far as I know right now, the rest of the stock will be available by the end of April.  For those of you who can't wait the electronic version is still available, ($7 to Paypal).  Thanks again to those of who've already read it and offered up your reactions; it's appreciated. In November/December 07 Maria Watson of o-books offered me several promotional opportunities in Europe this summer.  Talks, trade shows and seminars.  While nothing has been finalised, it looks likely that I'll be in London and France sometime this summer.  I'll keep you posted as events unroll. 

Over the winter I'll be facilitating several seminars, two at my home and two (so far) at Akashas Den in downtown Oakville.  The first home seminar is Sunday Jan 27 and its topic is "Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression".  The second is Sunday March 2 and concerns  "Orbs and Alien Life Forms".  Both are $100 per and a light lunch is provided. These are not introductory courses, I would suggest you have some background in each before thinking of attending. If you feel yourself requiring an entry level course, then my two evening seminars (feb 21 and 28) at Akashas Den would be ideal.  The fee is $50 and refreshments are available.  Please contact the store to reserve your spot.  Details as below.

Mary Wileichuk & Alex Terrier
Akasha’s Den
Gifts for the Home, Mind, Body and Spirit
#1 – 312 Lakeshore Road East
Oakville, ON L6J 1J2
Phone:  905-844-5055
Fax:  905-844-5955

Thursday February 21st:  "Linking Up With Our Dear Departed"

Day after day we are surrounded by spirit, and it is only our busy-ness which keeps us tied to this narrow band of vibration we call physical incarnation.  Join us tonight as we transcend this apparent limitation, joining with our guides and departed loved ones to celebrate our oneness in eternal life.  Through group meditation and guided visualisation we shall allow ourselves to leave the illusion of separation and spend some time in joyous reunion.

Thurday February 28th:  "Accessing Your Past Lives"

Many of us have glimpses, dreams and visions, of other lives and other places.  Tonight we shall pick up those threads and follow them to their sources.  Join us as we move through Space and Time and see who we were and how that influences who we are.  Come and feel that vibrating web of karmic connections; it's not harder than you expect, it's easier than you think. Gordon Phinn, a two year Oakville rsident, has conducted a thirty year study of metaphysics and the paranormal.  A writer, teacher and psychic facilitator, his aim is to allow students to experience the transcendental for themselves and help launch them on their own inner journeys.  His books include "Eternal Life And How To Enjoy It", "More Adventures In Eternity" and "Jesus and the Christ"

I've finally scanned the cover of "Jesus and The Christ" for the word of gord site.  I have several extremely viable excuses as to why it took me so long, but I shall not bother you with any of them.  Back before christmas we had a lovely evening together at Gifts For The Soul in Waterdown sharing the wisdom and energy of the project, and I'm hoping to have another similar evening at Akashas Den in March/April.  If you're wondering about the contents, the page "ascended masters" will give you a fair sample of the dialogues.  At some point I hope to have a dvd available of the entire book.  It's envisioned as a words, music and dance presentation.

  Finally, part one of the presentation of "An American In Heaven" should be online by the end of the month, with subsequent chapters unfolding as time is found for the editing process. 

Until next time, your chum in eternity, gordon.