The Guru Without All The Bullshit

Services Offered

Overloaded Business Card:

... Always been a problem for me. If I line up all the services neatly in a row it just looks crazy. This guy does all that? C'mon. But it's true. I do do all that, and more, 'cause I usually forget something.

Once you open yourself to spirit, truly open yourself that is, many gifts are added unto you. Biblical or no, it's true, trust me. You somehow get started, go out trick-or-treating in the big bad world, tuck a few mini-triumphs under your belt, and the next thing you know you're surrounded by all this magic act stuff. Astonishment trails you around like a lost puppy and you feed it your new found humility and try to hide your light under some nearby bushel basket, in case you get called crazy, or even worse, a religious nutbar tryin' to rake in the suckers' cash. All this is covered in more detail in my second afterlife book More Adventures In Eternity.

So, the journey unrolls itself and folk start saying things like,"When are you going to honour your gift?" and you look at them trying to figure out what they mean. I discovered they meant business cards, fee schedules and little quarter page ads in those freebie mags you see in health food stores. Well, I never did get any farther than the fee schedules and even that's pretty simple: $75:00 for a session, either live, remote or by phone; and as they are usually about 75 minutes long that makes it a dollar a minute. Cash or personal (bank) cheques if you're in Canada or the US, Paypal for anywhere else.

Gifts Of The Spirit:

All my gifts come from Spirit, as do everyone else's, and anyone that tells you any different is full of it, ie. shit, ego, black magic. Of course, we are all spirit in essence, Spirits In The Material World as Sting once sang, so you're only channeling that eternal essence of godstuff, the radiant light that rips through all resistance, revealing, revealing...

(1) Healing: energy, spiritual, whatever. Hands-on, distance. From discomfort to disease, I've worked the lot. Healing, of course, is not cure. Healing is coming to understand and accept, rather than doubt and deny. Cures, of course, are always possible, but not the main point. It's a two way street: I the healer and You the healee. You have to give it up and I have to take it away. And once I've taken it away, you have to brick up the nest where it stayed, else it'll come back for more.

(2) Entity Removal: entities are like ghosts, except they move into your body and stay, feeding on your neuroses and addictions, ie intense fear, anxiety, pride, cruelty, booze, sex, drugs, gambling. They're dead people who used to do a lot of what you like to do now. They don't wanna go on to the afterlife and you know, get a new life, they wanna hang around here and indulge in all the old stuff, and if you give them a place to hang their hat they surely will. Wrong use of compassion that, doesn't help them, or you, at all. Eventually they'll either make you sick (fibromyalgia for example) or horribly addicted to whatever substances you both crave (the usual, including pot btw). Some of them are suicides that you knew personally, and some are strangers that you picked up in bars (racetracks, brothels, dope dens etc).

I can help you get rid of them, but you have to be willing to let go and not feel guilty about it. You are not responsible for their fate, and thinking that you are is wrong use of compassion again.

(3) Spirit Releasement: that's where some friend or beloved relative of yours is hanging about like a ghost, too afraid/attached/ignorant to move on. I move out of my body while in meditation and convince them the afterlife is way cooler than they ever figured. I take 'em there and show them around for a few minutes. It's so amazing they hardly ever wanna come back. This works for all sorts of people, including suicides.

(4) Past Life Regression: If you believe in past lives and want to explore that territory, I'm a good guy to talk to. I've been doing them for years and I know almost all of the literature in English on the subject. Even if you don't believe in them, but are curious, I'm still a potential destination. This can be done in person or over the phone. I'll relax you with guided imagery and together we explore. Oh yes, there's future lives too. Not set in stone, mind you, but possibilities. We can also go to the between-life state and explore that, and then see how the whole tapestry fits together. And then we can contact your Higher Self, the source of your soul and all its personalities. Intriguing? You bet.

(5) Spiritual Counseling: That's where you come to me all messed up about life the universe and everything and I help you sort it all out. In my experience, there's nothing that can't be sorted out...eventually. Shit happens and we deal with it. And then later we all wind up in heaven laughing about the stupidity of all our little traumas and forgiving each other for taking it all so seriously.

(6) Psychic Advice Bureau: a friend of mine calls this "all that Madame Fortuna stuff". If you talk around the issues you're concerned about, family, career, business, etc. I can usually see through the fog of detail and choice and help you make the right move while not stepping on anyone's toes. Right action without retribution. Right on, I hear you saying.

(7) Spirit Contact: that's where I become a medium and convey the messages your dear departed have been trying to get through to you for days/weeks/ years. Well mostly: sometimes they've got issues with you and won't talk unless you come down from what they see is your high horse. Coming to me usually means you're already half way down.

(8) Spirit Guides: that's one of my most requested: help me contact my spirit guides. And so I do. They're around, some of them a lot and some of them just once in a while. Opening yourself to their input is not nearly as difficult as you're making it. Your doubt, fear and unworthiness cloud the energetic area around you, making it tough for them to reach through. I can help you through that one.

Of course, there's plenty of offshoots of the above categories, but that'll do for now. If you think I fit your bill then email me at "" or "" and we'll go from there.