The Guru Without All The Bullshit


See a shaved head anywhere? Carefully folded robes?  Reassuring smiles or intimations of serenity?  Devotional aides?

That's right, there's none of the usual claptrap here at The Word Of Gord.  This is a guru without all that bullshit.  Just Gord and all his accumulated metaphysical insight of decades, and let's face it, centuries of incarnation and exploration.

Why are we here? What's the meaning of life?  Where are the spirit worlds? What's the afterlife really like? Is there reincarnation?  What the heck does god have to do with it?  Is it true that life sucks and then you die?  Why should I care about any of this?

These and many other burning questions of the day are answered right here, at The Word Of Gord.  The answers are as simple and straightforward as Gord can make them.  Some of this metaphysical stuff is pretty subtle, but Gord will do his darndest to iron out as many wrinkles as he can without trashing the insight in the process.

Had a PR spin doctor guy write the above. Impressive, no? But the real me hides somewhere in this site, waiting to be uncovered. You think I'm being cute, but actually I'd like to find him myself... Bit of a mystery to me, he is. Every time I get close he keeps receeding, becoming this person and then that person, until I begin to see that character, and all the stuff that characters do, is a bit of a joke. Nothing's stable, nothing stays the same. Opinions, no matter how passionate, are like clouds: they drift around and then disappear. Life turns into death, which in turn becomes another kind of life looking back at us, itchy to announce its vision.

The smile becomes the frown, tears become tears of joy. Storms and wars tear it all down and we start again, scratching the soil. In Ancient Greece and Egypt they called them The Mysteries and studied them in Mystery Schools. Gordon is an exponent of that ancient tradition. In my own eccentric clownish way I am my own Mystery School: come study and chuckle. There's the site, the books, the videos, the recommendations, and eventually more...

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