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The Ascended Masters

You've likely noticed the tone of bemused irreverence throughout the site. You're not mistaken. It's there for a reason, and that reason is for centuries the esoteric has been taken too seriously, way too seriously. Mainly by people who thought themselves important, more important than the hidden tradition they served. Whether it was Templars trashing the Holy Land, Cathars chasing perfection, Bishops selling indulgences or Sufis selling carpets, the tone of exaggerated self importance is hard to miss. The establishment crushes the rebels and the rebels tear down the establishment, and on it goes for century after century. Joy and laughter were not prized possessions. Irreverence was for the rabble. Rabble on, I say.

Meanwhile a group of concerned planetary citizens were watching over the heroic unfolding. Some of the modern esoteric teachings call them the ascended masters, some the secret chiefs and some the white brotherhood.. Call them what you like, my imprssion is they don't care too much. What they do care about is the evolution of consciousness embedded in sentient forms on this planet. That's you and me, all the animals, and unless I'm very much mistaken, mountains, rivers and trees as well. There's grand plan unfolding, and we are very much part of it. The gradual growth of sophistication in society, culture, science, religion, justice and governance, not to mention the sovreignty of state and individual, comes under their general purview. They teach and guide, they don't control. They come to earth and start religions, philosophies and political systems and get known as prophets, messiahs and teachers of all sorts. Krishna, Buddha, Jesus to name but three. Basically they've finished with all their own hang-ups and kindly stick around to help us with ours, throwing out pointers from time to time. And for this ongoing commitment I doff my hat with respect, and dare I say it,... reverence.

The Theosophists talked about them a lot, Krishnamurti said they didn't exist and weren't much use anyway, and then Alice Bailey channeled a whole pile of really interesting books inspired by one of them, Koot Hoomi. Start with the first one "Initiation, Human And Solar". That's if you like what you read here and are ready for more. I've been channeling a couple of them for this past year or two, and personally, am really impressed with the content. Without the hint of a smirk I'd say they were pretty cool guys. And in a very sincere way, about as sincere as I ever get anyway, I feel honoured to be picked as a secretary for these memos to humanity. Not that I'm the only one. There's a few more on the net if you're up to surfing.

Here's one from Good Friday last year. I think it has some very powerful stuff to say about the energy of forgiveness.

On the occasion of this very important day in the Christian calendar, Gordon, who says he has come to bear witness to the light, has asked for a message, some words for as much of humanity as he can reach through the internet. On this day, when he feels that millions of Christians are focused on my earthly demise, he asks, in that mixture of provocation and reserve which is his nature, for a communication which embraces the eternal implication of my resurrection. He wants people to feel the love of this risen Christ, reaching through their confusions, despairs and clouds of their perceived sinful natures, to guide them to the experience of brotherly love.

The path to this experience has always been open, before my appearance on the planet and after. I arrived as a reminder and stayed to be an anchor. The effort involved in abandoning the aloofness of pride and judgementalism to embrace the kindness and compassion born of unconditional love has never changed.
The prayer in my name states that one should forgive those who trespass against you, and this is still the core of the message I would relay today, for the lack of forgiveness, whether to others or to the self, is what powers all judgement, condemnation and willful separation.

So forgive those who would trespass against you, against your family, against your nation. Forgive him whom history has condemned as betraying me. Forgive the criminal who would wreck society’s security. Forgive the business rival who would deprive you of your livelihood. Forgive the church that would bind you in servitude. Forgive the young their careless enthusiasms. Forgive those leaders who deliberately deceive, and embrace their darkness with my light.

Forgive the bacteria for seeking a new host. Forgive the virus as it ventures around the globe, infecting the weak and unwilling. Forgive the cancer that east the heart and corrupts the body. Forgive the doctor who fails to cure. Forgive Death though it destroys your nest. Forgive the loved one who engenders their own demise. Forgive the religious for being unspiritual. Forgive the fearful as they spawn destruction. Forgive the warrior in his wish to kill. Forgive the slaughter of innocents. Forgive the escape of the guilty. Forgive yourself for failing to forgive.

Forgiveness is the key to acceptance and the conveyance of mercy. And although I bear aloft the lantern of undying love for all to witness, I forgive those who cannot or will not see it, and I ask you to do the same.

Take a breath or two after that one; the implications are stunning, and let me tell you, if you practise it you'll find the energy channels it opens are amazingly powerful. You can be like a healer of people's troubled souls. Enough said.

Here's another one from a few months later that same year:

Whereas the Good Friday message was requested by Gordon, today’s is received by him. He has only the vaguest of conceptions of what I am about to communicate. He tries in vain to anticipate and realizes he has to get his brain out of the way to avoid further confusion.

"As always I am a messenger of love. Love is the stream in which I swim and humanity is an ocean in which I fish. When you are tempted by the bait and swallow you become another beacon of brotherly love.

There are of course many apostles of this love without condition, this deep embrace of all that lives. Some are inspired by my earthly example and fly the flag of that faith while others declare a different allegiance. But it matters little which brand you are beseeched to buy for they are all derived from the same divine concoction, for each variation has been suited to the differing requirements of individual characters and ethnicities. All this is, and has been, known.

What I wish to enlarge upon today is this: not only am I the beacon, the reminder and relayer of unconditional love, the light of the world as some would have it, but I am the living emblem of not only love everlasting, but love omnipresent throughout space and time.

Love is the very condition of our being. You are either giving it or grasping for it. It is the light of day, the darkness of night, the air we breathe. The blood in our veins, the thoughts in our brains. Love is the primal energy of the universes, and though it cannot be successfully measured, neither can it be successfully denied. Kindness is love personified, cruelty love perverted. We conduct our daily lives in its perpetual embrace. In public life, in politics and in commerce, it is tamed into politeness and deference. In private, it is channeled into intimacy and passion.

I am asking you to not only let love into your hearts, but also to let it flow back out freely, without any discrimination as to its depth or ultimate direction. Call it kindness, call it empathy, call it mercy, call it laughter, but let it flow through you, carelessly and joyously, let it pass onward to all objects of scorn and areas of dispute. Let it illuminate all your sadness and anger. Allow yourself to become lost in its glorious mystery. Send it on to your dear departed, where it can then spread throughout the heavens and hells and loosen the bonds of their attachments.

Send it on to strangers, rivals and enemies, for your family is all mankind. Many, as you will find, have built walls to save themselves the trouble of its reception, but endless love can always crumble the most tenacious of defences, so allow yourself to contribute to that infinite flow. The giving alone, without expectation of result, is its own reward. By making yourself the tool of love you become love. And that is what I ask of you. Become love, not because it is my will, but because it is your inevitable blossoming, your humanity in full flower.

Love everything and everyone, especially that, and those, which you resent and despise. This submission to love, if practiced as I ask, will demolish all your own walls and blockages, releasing you from the anchors which tie you to the past, with all its rules and fears, and allowing you to rise to a higher vibration whose limits are indeed translucent. We are corks on oceans, oceans of love. In calm or storm, under sun or cloud, we are always floating."

Should I comment on that? Nah, it's all too perfect already; just suck it in through your pores and let it nourish whatever it comes in contact with.

This next one gives you a glimpse inot the spirit worlds and also a sense of what the masters' regular experience might be like...

My greetings to you all ! On this day, on this page, in this life of worlds upon worlds. May the following ideas prove useful to you all in the growth towards your goal.

Whether you think of us as masters or mere myths in the minds of self-deluding disciples, we share a consciousness that is wider than that of the average incarnate human, and we sense that many of you, in your braver moments, would love to share in this consciousness. Whether you call this consciousness elevated, spiritual or cosmic, you sense it is there, at the far end of some devotional or meditational effort, waiting for you to claim it as your own. This is true and I give you every encouragement in pursuing that attainment, for even very brief flashes of it will thrill and inspire your seeking soul.

In the meantime, let me show you some of that consciousness in words, rather than the visions you will receive in meditations. Almost all of you know that there are planes of existence beyond the physical, but you do not like to think of them often, as that is where the dead are, and although you are relived that they have a place to go to, rather than the empty nothingness that your skeptical materialist culture repeatedly and insidiously suggests through its prophets in the media,
sciences and academia, you do not care to go there yourself, at least not yet.

Let me suggest that you not be ‘spooked’ by thoughts and images of ‘the planes’, for these spheres of existence are as real and useful to you in your growth as an evolving soul as the physical plane with all its complexity of challenges and deprivations. Focusing on the planes for a few moments every once in a while will not draw you closer to your so-called demise, but will expand your consciousness so that it may include the aspirations and activities of the various planes, the purgatories, paradises and heavens appropriated by the myriad of cultures and belief systems on planet earth.

Allow yourself to expand and understand that the devoted religionist in her heaven, the obedient disciple in his paradise, the remorseful sinner in her purgatory, and the unrepentant transgressor in his hell are all engaged in working out the effects of their life and thoughts while ‘alive’, and that in our eyes they are all equal, equally lost in the self-willed elaboration of the incarnate activities, and equally deserving of the light and inspiration constantly showered upon them in their various situations. To be enraptured in the vanities of either your failures or your achievements is to be similarly cordoned off from the evolving life of the planet as a whole. Gaia, as some of you now call it, is an enormous nest for the aspiring souls of the various evolving life streams.

See a little puppy wagging its tail, see a tiny fairy flitting about the flowers; see a pile of snakes in a writhing bundle of copulation, see a mass of humans hot with desire in a sex club; see flocks of birds migrating, see battalions of soldiers advancing, both pushing the limits of exhaustion;

See insects selflessly constructing colonies, see people of poverty pushing the city to provide; see the millions of animals consuming each other’s flesh and the earth absorbing their corpses, see the endless variations on plant life absorbing light from the sun and rain from the clouds, growing, fructifying and decaying;

See the millions of ‘dead’ going about their post-mortem business, their continued family life, devotions, recreations, and culture and know that their existence is nothing new, that there has always been millions of souls in those planes enjoying the relative peace, joy and freedom from the stresses of the earth plane;

See all these endless numbers of life forms moving through their various cycles and processes, and know that even as you and I are part that continuous struggle, the Masters overlook and shepherd their evolvements as best as varying circumstances allow; see the endless radiant light of the formless energy planes and feel your ‘self’ fall in it like a drop into the ocean and know that you were born from and belong there, and that no tragedy or exhilaration can permanently exile you from its continuous joyful omniscience.

See all this, if you can, if you dare, and know that we Masters can tune into this grand vision instantly, and actually operate with that consciousness as a background to all our sustaining and inspiring activities. Participate in this understanding and see how relatively insignificant are the strivings, joys and sufferings of any one individual, family or tribe is to us; understand why spirit guides and angelic beings are so useful in these earthly dramas, and be grateful, if you will, for all their mostly unseen efforts on your behalf.

This is some of the Masters’ consciousness; if you would understand our divine plight, and see, as you say, where we are coming from, I would thank you for your time and effort, for I know it makes my job just that little bit easier.

There's a representative sample for you; there's lots more where that came from.